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    Does anyone know of a good digital asset management software solution for cataloging InDesign files?

    Christine Holzmann

      Hi all,


      I am coming to this forum with this question because this amazing community of design professionals has helped me SO MUCH over the past few years...so I come to you for help once again as I search for a digital asset management solution that will also catalog InDesign files. I first used to use Canto Cumulus many years back, and then used Portfolio Standalone but both of those had their issues and are now discontinued. I am now looking for something else. It is for my small business and needs to handle all of my InDesign files and all associated artwork (I have a HUGE library of files....this also includes all of my image files, pdfs, etc.).


      Extensis Portfolio Server is just WAY overkill and WAY too expensive for what I need. Also, the cheapest option (which is $1,999) only handles "thousands of files" whereas I have tens of thousands. I am also not interested in storing my "asset catalog" within the cloud...I just want it stored locally.


      Please please can someone help point me in the right direction? I have been scratching my head searching for something...there is SO MUCH out there...the majority of which won't properly handle InDesign files as well, which is a NECESSITY.


      Thank you so much as always,