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    PS format plugin issue

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      I use Photo Ninja as my default raw converter for Photoshop CS5, or at least I did up until it quit functioning. When I double-click on a raw file, first PS opens and then PN launches as expected, but that's it — no image is ever imported to PN and I sit staring at a blank workspace.


      After mucking around, resetting PS prefs, uninstalling PN and reinstalling, reverting to a previous version of PN, etc., I started loading up system images created by Macrium Reflect from prior months when I know for certain that PS and PN were working as they are supposed to.



      Same result.


      So, at this point I don't believe it's a PN issue but I'm not convinced PS is at fault either. How can it be that an OS (Win8 64) and software environment that was functional months ago is now not? Could I be looking at a hardware issue (none of which has changed, BTW)? How do I troubleshoot this?

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          OK, I know this probably doesn't have an obvious answer, but I'd sure like some kind of lead to pursue. Consider: By restoring images to my system drive I've recreated the exact conditions that existed when all was working well. i.e., this particular problem had never been seen (at least by me). Yet the problem persists.


          It tends to make me believe that this is a  hardware issue, but I can't wrap my head around how that could be. I don't normally run out of ideas when tracking down computer weirdness, but I'm just about there now.