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    Premiere Elements 12/Norton


      I started using PE12 and all was fine, i then loaded my Norton antivirus onto my computer and now PR12 doesn't open.  I'll click on the PR12 icon and it comes up, but if i choose any of the options.....Organiser or Video Editor>Existing Project/New Project one of two things happen....1, it just disappears or 2, it will start loading and then......nothing.


      I'm pretty sure Nortons the problem because PE12 worked fine when i uninstalled it (It's currently back on).



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          There have been several issues cited with many real-time, active scanning anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-anything software.


          Many will Lock all files on both reads and writes, until they have time to completely survey the files. This can cause a time-out for other programs, and for the OS.


          It is becoming more difficult to tell just which software will, and will not work. McAfee has created problems, as have some versions of both Norton and some others.


          I would look into disabling Norton, when doing video-editing, and testing PrE under that condition. Note: during the video-editing, if the anti-virus software IS disabled, I would NOT do any Web browsing, or open ANY e-mail attachments.


          Good luck, and hope that it IS as simple as turning Norton OFF, while editing.



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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            After you have confirm that Norton enabled versus disabled means the difference between Premiere Elements 12 not working and working, then I would check to make sure that your Norton Updates are up to date. If not, see if an update of Norton resolves the issue before settling for Premiere Elements use with antivirus turned off and Internet disabled.


            What is your computer operating system? Have you started to search for an alternative antivirus program or have you contacted Norton about the matter. It may have an adjust that can be made to its product in your system.


            We will be watching for your results.


            Thank you.



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              JonD Level 1

              Strange thing, i went into Norton settings, or tried to and it temporarily locked up for some reason.  After turning the computer off and back on the problem seems to be resolved.  Norton and PE12 are both working together.  I then went into the Norton settings and there doesn't seem to be anything that i changed.  It's crazy.


              I'll keep and eye on it, especially considering my current Antivirus software runs out in about 50 days.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the update.


                We are glad that you got the problem to resolve. Good idea to watch Norton performance moving forward.


                You mention Norton settings. A just in case note, if you have Windows and if need be, look for an Action Center for disabling

                Norton under anti-virus.


                Have you been getting any entries in the Norton quarantine history?


                Hoping for problem free moving forward