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    Can I make table with tiled image in a cell and text on top, exported to epub?

    SueCampbell54 Level 1

      I want to make a table that will export to a flowable epub that has three cells: a top and bottom cell each with a unique image in them. A center cell with text and a repeating tiled background image. Is there a way I could do this in InDesign and have it export to epub? I've managed to do it in CSS without the tiled image. Looks like this:


      If it worked it would something like the second image.

      I haven't managed the repeating tiled image in the cell. If I could do it in Indesign it would be so much faster. Can't stack a text box on top in an epub. And I want it to tile so that if the user chooses a different font size the box would adjust. This will be a flowable epub not a fix layout one.


      Any ideas?


      Sue Campbell