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    getJSON not working in Chrome & Firefox plus other issues.




      I am working on a searchable video gallery. Please see the code here. I'm sure that my code is far from optimal.


      I'm currently running OSX 10.9, and updated versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox.


      I reading a (verified) JSON file to get information about each video (name, url, tags etc) and am reading that into an object with getJSON. I am then taking this information, converting the tags into strings, and then, after removing duplicates, I'm using jquery ui autocomplete to make a drop down smart search. I've added the js files using the scripts button, and the css with yepnope. Upon selecting an entry and pressing enter, I remove currently displaying videos, and then add videos that match the current tag.



      Bug 1 (Minor): When I preview this in Chrome everything works perfectly. In Firefox, there is one bug, where if I highlight the text in the search box, I can no longer enter text, and I hear alert audio. Safari gives a 404.


      Bug 2 (Critical): However, when I go to publish, and run the html file directly (either in the publish folder, or in the root folder), everything works in Safari, but in Chrome and Firefox getJSON doesn't run. Neither videos nor the boxes that house them display either. I've put $(document.body).append("text") lines throughout the code, and nothing displays in or below the getJSON procedure.


      It feels like there is some file that is contained within the *.an file that I am missing when I am trying to run the html separately.


      Any ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you very much.