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    Creative question. Alternative to film grain for my render?


      Hi I'm new to AE but have learnt the basics. I've recently done renders for a project but then at the end figured out that youtube can't create good video at 640x360 so I'm currently rendering my entire 8 minute movie again into 1280x720. Problem is that it doesn't quite hold up as well, looks a bit flat. So I'm wanting to disguise that a bit by overlaying some texture into my scenes to make them more stylistic. The standard film grain tutorials I see often look a bit too cliche if you know what I mean? I want something more subtle and something that will work for 8 minutes worth of footage. Something to break up the image a bit but more than just some noise overlayed on top. The mood of the film is dark, vintage, creepy so I can get away with quite a lot. Does anyone have any ideas? If you click on the image for full 1280x720 you''ll notice that I already have some texture just from having a low sample rate, I sort of like it, as a base at least.