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    Problem downlaoding Photoship via CC


      Trying to install the CC desktop application and Photoshop CC on my laptop Lenovo, 8 gigs of RAM, Win 7.0 64 bit, clean.


      After numerous failed attempts, the Desktp Application finally installs.  Photoshop installation begins and is interrupted by a message instructing me to close Bridge CC and re-try. Bridge is not only not open, it has NEVER been installed on this computer.  NO other programs are open. My first attempt was weeks ago, I've tried numerous times with the same result. Kaspersky on or off, same result.


      I have CC installed on my desktop, and updates are almost as frustrating, taking numerous attempts before they are successful. That machine is clean, Win 7 64 bit 16 gigs of fast ram. Repeated attempts finally end in success on that machine, but I have not run across the "Close Bridge cc" problem on tha machine, just the laptop.


      Any suggestions on getting this to install on my laptop?



      Wayne Emery