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    Can't get Photoshop CC to run (consistently) on Mac, help?

    LJharman Level 1

      Have installed Photoshop CC twice in the last 24 hours, the first time was overnight and I thought my computer going to sleep may hve een the cause of the initial download/install not working.


      The PS CC icon appeared in the creative cloud tab as updated and fine, but when I found the folder and attempted to launch PS CC from there by moving the icon to the desktop I was greeted with this message:


      "Some of the appliaction components are missing from the application directory. Please reinstall the application"


      I then uninstalled the application as requested and setup the download/install again. This time after it was completed, I opened the finder folder and double clicked on the tab nd PS CC opened! Super Happy and relieved...


      However, as I was preparing to shut my Mac down in order to move it, I thought I would test PS CC it just to make sure it was fine. I again moved the icon to the desktop and attempted to launch PS and was greeted with the same failure message as before. 


      I refuse to believe it is not working simply because I made a short cut on the desktop, and with my download cap limited and imending assessments, any swift assistance would be much appreciated?


      Is it an Apple Issue?