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    Trying to transfer PE9, screwed by chat help at adobe.com?


      I am trying to move my Elements 9 from one PC from another.  I had someone on your chat support tell me to permanently deactivate it on my old PC, which I did.  He said that I could then download it from adobe.com on the new PC using my serial number.  He knew it was PE9.   I logged on and could not find a dowload link for PE9.  Went back on another chat session, and was told that PE9 was old and that I needed to buy an upgrade.  I persisted and told him that I had been told to deactivate it and now had no function of software that I had paid for.  He told me that in 2-3 hours I would be given a link to download PE9.  That was 16 hours ago and I still have no link.


      Went on another chat session now and was basically told "too bad, it's an old version", try the forums.


      NOT happy.  I was told to deactivate it, then told its gone, too bad.


      I actually would not mind upgrading the app, but I want credit for the PE9 that I bought 3 yrs ago.  Any suggestions??

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Often the Adobe Technical Support will send a customer here, and we can usually help.


          For PrE 9, go to www.prodesigntools.com, and then to Downloads. You will need to scroll down and I think that PrE 9 is on Page 2, down about half-way. That is for the trial version, and BEFORE you download it, be sure to read the instructions very, very carefully, and follow them to the letter. If you do not, you will get an Access Denied error.


          When you have download and installed the trial of PrE 9, you can then Activate it via your S/N, converting it to the full-paid version.


          You will also probably want to download and install the additional Functional Content. Also, there will be activations for several modules, when you go to use them the first time, but you should be unaware of that, if you have an active Internet connection. Also, you will want to then Update PrE 9.


          Good luck, and if you need additonal input, or clarification, do not hesitate to ask here.



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            johnshenry Level 1

            Thanks for the help, I will do that.   Do you know if there is a pay for upgrade to PrE12 from PrE9, or do you just have to buy PrE12 fullversion?  I see it is only $99, not that much.  If there is no upgrade path, I may just buy 12 anyway.


            Thanks again for the help....

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Typically, Adobe does not offer many "upgrades" for PrE. When they do, it's really just a little price break, and often still higher than what one can find from a certified reseller, such as Amazon. I would just look for the best price from a certified reseller, and buy PrE 12 from them.


              Before you do, I would download, install, and explore the trial version, to make sure that it does everything that you want, and in a way in which you are comfortable. There are some significant changes between earlier versions and PrE 11 & 12.


              Good luck,



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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                The specific web site page from which to download the tryout of Premiere Elements 9 is

                http://prodesigntools.com/photoshop-elements-9-premiere-elements-9-direct-download-links.h tml

                It is very important that you read carefully the "Note: Very Important Instructions" at that web site otherwise you will get hit with Access Denied message.

                If you run into that type of problem, read the instructions again. If problems persist, let me know and I will go through a step by step.


                During installation of that tryout, you insert your Premiere Elements 9 purchased serial number that you have.


                Did you purchase your Premiere Elements 9 orginally as a download from Adobe. If so,new installation files of the program should be available to you at Adobe

                http://www.adobe.com under your Orders. Is that where you could not find a download link next to your Adobe Order number for Premiere Elements?


                Just in case note, Deactivation is not the same as uninstalling. You do not have to uninstall a deactivated program.


                Please let us know the outcome.