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    Reduce image quality of layers


      hey there,


      sometimes Im inserting several cr2-files into one photoshop project, applying filters, effects, masks etc...

      when saving, the psd-file takes up quite a lot of space. That is okay for important projects etc...

      BUT _sometimes_ I need the psd file, but DON'T need it in full quality. It would be enough if I had the psd file as if I would have imported jpgs instead cr2 files from the start for my whole editing process... -> would it be possible to somehow internally reduce the size of the images saved as layers? So that photoshop just "compresses" the single layers and saves the data which is stored in the layer as a jpg-representation instead of the uncompressed and full cr2-files-data!?

      [[I imagine the result as a same internal representation of the data as if I'd import jpgs instead of cr2 files from the start on...]]

      I hope you understand what I want to achieve...


      Thanks a lot