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    Populating DropDownList in ItemRenderer

    olegkon Level 1



      User is editing data, so I need to populate data which is passed DataGroup, which has ItemRenderers (DB rows)

      and consists of bunch of components, including DropDownList.

      I am trying to populate it in ItemRenderer's creationComplete handler like that:


      memberDataTypeInput.selectedItem = getItemByName(parentDocument.acObjectsAndPrimitives, value.NATIVE_DATA_TYPE);

      which is supposed to return an Object from ArrayCollection corresponding a name value (from id & name pair).


      The problem is that ArrayCollection acObjectAndPrimitives is NULL at that point.

      (supposed to make a call to DB, retrieve data, remove duplicates, sort it, make an ArrayCollection out of that - fairly slow).


      Any idea how to resolve that?





      P.S.: using Flex 4.5.1