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    Flash is installed but it's not working


      MAC OS 10.6.8

      Firefox 27.0.1

      Flash Player


      When I try to install Flash player, I get a message that 'installation is complete'. When I got to Adobe's Flash information page the box with the red font correctly lists my OS, Browser version and the flash player version. I also see the clouds moving in the test image. But Flash player is not installed anywhere. It's not listed under Applications or in the Library under internet plug-ins. When I go to Firefox, Tools, Add Ons, Plug-ins, Shockwave flash says version and is listed as 'Always activate'. I also did a clean uninstall and reinstall and that did not help. So, how do I fix this problem?

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          Mike M Level 6

          You may be looking in the wrong library.

          There are three (3);


          Mac HD/Library

          Mac HD/System/Library



          It's in the Internet Plug-ins folder of the Mac HD Library


          Or you can Spotlight search "Flash Player.plugin"



          And lastly, have you checked your Safari preferences under Security to be sure "Allow all other plug-ins" is checked?