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    form central - business catalyst - e commerce problem

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      Hi all


      We have a few websites and have been using form cental to create contact us forms, gift voucher ordering, and event booking/payment through paypal for these sites.
      I thought that any results we got (ie names and email addresses) would be going directly into the business catalyst mailing lists so that when we send out a newsletter, those new enquiries and customers get it.
      But Ive now realised there is no link between the too (frustrating)


      So Im now wondering why i even need to be paying for form central.
      Can I do all of that in business catalyst?



      Also I tried to find out how to upgrade my BC to include ecommerce (since Im assuming I cant may gift voucher order forms and link to paypal with BC webmarketing plan)
      I eventually found you have to go to BC: Site settings >Site management> and then there is supposed to be an option that says upgrade... but the only option it has is 'delete'!


      Getting a bit frustrated, so Im hoping someone can give me a hand on this one. :-)