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    Scrolling Issue

      I'm developing a web site that utilizes text loaded in from external text file. I have borrowed scrolling AS from various tutorials and this works for the most part...here's the situation and problem:

      Situation (Site Design)

      master.swf - sets stage, clip loaders, shared library, variable loaders, etc.
      mainNav.swf - loads the main and sub-navigation buttons (loaded level 20).
      aboutUs.swf - a graphic and dynamic text field that's scrollable (loaded level5).


      aboutUs.swf - there are three different text files loaded into the dynamic text field depending on the selection of the sub-navigation menu. Two of the text fields load and scroll correctly, but one is quite problematic...the text loads correctly, and the images load, but the scroll bar doesn't work correctly any more.

      big Question
      If I strip out the img tags from the text file, it works fine, but I would like to include the images. Is this possible?

      text file excerpt
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          Jim_Esteban Level 1
          Put your text and your images on to a movie clip. Put a mask over the clip. Build your own scroller that just moves the clip up and down behind the the mask. You will only see the part covered by the mask. For some reason it's possible to have a movie clip that is much larger than the actual stage. You can see an example that I modified from a book on flash at http://www.jjesteban.com/template.cfm?s1=1&s2=0&ContentID=241
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            jase38 Level 1
            Thanks for the info...and I could build that, but what I'm trying to do is create a flash site that I can update (or someon else if need be) easily by changing the text file...not the flash or action script.

            Again, the scrollers work perfect with HTML/CSS formatted text, but I would like to add images as necessary...and need to know if that's possible (when I strip out the img tags from the text - it works perfectly).