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    swf-based extensions in Flash CC

    Efi Cohen



      My company owns ad-creator extension for Flash, that exists since Flash MX. Our extension includes swf-based panel and kit of components. Some complex components have swf-based custom UI. Our extension and components use JSFL in order to communicate with Flash environment.


      Recently we have a lot of problems inside Flash CC. Each time we fix one problem another one popups with new CC upgrade.


      We need help with understanding Flash CC road-map (what and when is going to be changed) and with technical training (how to manage our product inside CC environment). Who should I contact with? Is this Adobe ID is good enough to get this kind of technical support or should I upgrade my ID to some other type? Please refer me to the right technical person, since I have a lot of technical questions (How to run JSFL from properties panel of custom component? How long can we stay with our swf-based extension? What can be done with swf-based properties panels for our components – is there any way to make them run JSFL? etc.).


      TX a lot.