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    Arabic Fonts

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      Hi all!


      I have recently been working on a project for a client who has work with a lot of Arabic in it. I have run into a few problems but managed to sort them out eventually, but at the moment I am strugling with sorting out the problem I have now.


      I managed to get my hands on a really good typesetting font for the Arabic. But, my client wants me to add certain glyphs--which represent Arabic phrases--throughout the paragraphs of the text. Now, as the glyphs are presented in an English font, the Adobe world-ready paragraph composer does not allow them to appear as they are not arabic fonts. And if I try adding them just plainly as an English font, they appear at the end of the sentence rather than the place I would like them to be inserted.


      Is there anyway that I can add these glyphs to the font I am using to type the Arabic? or any other way I can get around this?


      Look forward to a reply soon, thanks!