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    Ugh.  Facebook upload.  Unknown error

    Shan McArthur

      I have tried four times to upload my short video to Facebook with PE10.  Each time it uploads, I get an unknown error.  How can I troubleshoot this?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Start by sharing an appropriate file to your hard drive and see if you can do a manual upload

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            Shan McArthur Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response.  When I share to my hard drive, I cannot see the Facebook HD preset.  This would then export it into a different format and let Facebook re-encode it.  Can I find the files that were prepared for Facebook submission, or can I get the Facebook HD preset so that I can export to my hard drive?

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Shan McArthur


              I am assuming that you have your Premiere Elements 10 set up appropriately with regard to project preset and the properties of your source media. With that assumption, this is what we are going to do to determine if your Facebook account is working when you upload at Facebook instead of from within Premiere Elements 10 Share/Online/Facebook.


              Note that the Facebook HD preset in Share/Online/Facebook is described


              1280 x 720 pixels

              29.97 frames per second

              AAC 128 kbps 44.1 kHz Stereo


              So what we are going to do is to export your Timeline to a file saved to the computer hard drive and from there upload it to the Facebook web site at the Facebook web site.


              For this purpose, the following is what we select based on settings and not the name Facebook or Vimeo in the titles.





              with Presets = Vimeo HD


              That should give you a AVCHD ("File Type = H.264").mp4 (1280 x 720 @ 29.97 progressive frames per second) file to upload to Facebook at the Facebook web site. The file will also have AAC Stereo. Adjustments to the presets can be done under the Advanced Button/Video Tab and Audio Tab. I would leave them as is for the first time around. Our goal is to see if you can get a successful upload at the Facebook web site.


              That should give you a H.264.mp4 file for your upload


              Also, have you gone to Premiere Elements 12/Edit Menu/Preferences/Web Sharing and refreshed the services?


              Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer? And, are you running the program Run As Administrator and from User Account with Administrative Privileges?


              We will be watching for your progress.


              Thank you.