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    Missing Fonts


      I have looked through a variety of topics on this issue, but none quite highlight the problem I have.


      So, running InDesign 5 on Windows 7, I keep getting missing fonts when trying to print or export.


      I have put all fonts in the fonts folder for InDesign - no change.

      Find Font does not seem to work.

      Yes, there are pdfs that have been placed in, but no, I do not have access to the original nor will I be able to request something other than pdf as it is coming from a government agency.


      So.... now what?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Does find font indicate what and where the fons are that are missing? Are you just presuming they are missing from the PDFs?

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            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

            There are a few ways to determine what the source of the “missing fonts” is.


            First, it you try to package your document, you do get a summary of the contents in terms of placed content, colors, fonts, etc. This could point you to which fonts are missing.


            The second approach, which is conceptually simpler and more accurate, but potentially more time consuming is to open the individual PDF files that are placed in your InDesign document using Acrobat or even Adobe Reader. Use the Ctl-D operation to get the PDF file properties and access the fonts tab. On this screen, you will see every font accessed in the PDF file. For fonts that are embedded, you will see the word embedded.If a font is not embedded, it will tell you what it is substituting with as the “actual font.” For example, if the PDF references a font that you have installed on your system, it will use that host-installed font. if the PDF references Helvetica but you are on a WIndows system without Helvetica, typically Arial is used as the substitute font. More exotic fonts that you reference but don't have installed may yield substitution with the Adobe Sans or Adobe Serif substitution faux fonts.


            If you have EPS files that are placed in your InDesign document without embedded fonts, tracking down the missing fonts may be a bit more difficult, although distilling into PDF might help you in terms of allowing you to use Acrobat's tools to see what is missing.


            Once you determine what the missing fonts are from any embedded assets, your only real solution is to either get versions of those assets with the fonts embedded or to separately license those fonts.


            The good news is that PDF files from most government agencies tend to be fairly typographically-bland, using fairly common fonts. The only fonts that I have seen in some US government forms that are particularly common are Helvetica Neue, typically on IRS tax forms and documents.


                      - Dov

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              LttleDvl Level 1

              Find font indicates that they are missing.

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                LttleDvl Level 1

                I may have to try the time-consuming method. The odd thing is, that InD says that Helvectica and Times-Roman are missing. Both are installed in Windows. I even copied them to the InD fonts folder, no changes. I fixed the missing Helvectia-Oblique & Bold by copying directly to the InD folder, but this does not seem to working for the other two.


                Military is more like it

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Find Font should say if the fonts are missing from placed content, even a PDF, I think. And while you might have Both Helvetica and Times Roman installed, they might be T1 instead of TT versions, or vice versa.