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    Can not login to ProSite


      I have a Creative Cloud subscription and I created a “Project” on the Behance site and when I attempted to create my own ProSite website, I received multiple error messages, so I requested assistance from the Behance/ProSite Customer Support.  After multiple emails I finally got the truth:

      “Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble.  In the current build of Prosite, we have NO support for Internet Explorer.  In earlier versions of the browser, we have a notification appear to let you know this, but our team encountered a bug when adding it to 10 + 11.   We're currently working on a whole new version of ProSite that will have full IE compatibility.   At this time, we ask users to use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.”

      As you can see, the final response above stated they have “NO SUPPORT FOR INTERNET EXPLORER” and no estimated launch date for the new website.  There was no information concerning this lack of support on Adobe Creative Cloud subscription page or in any FAQs or support docs.  Internet Explorer historically has a large chunk of market share and non-Microsoft browsers like Google Chrome have had issues working with some Windows applications and Microsoft Office applications.  Forcing customers to uninstall their Internet Explorer browser and install a third party browser is unacceptable, as it may cause issues with their other Windows applications. 

      I am very disappointed in Adobe’s lack of support for Internet Explorer browsers, as well as, the complete lack of information on its issues with Internet Explorer browser prior to subscription by customers.  Nowhere on the Adobe, Creative Cloud offer, Adobe CC FAQs/forums, or Behance websites was there any information that the ProSite website, which was part of the offer, was not compatible with Internet Explorer web browsers.  It is not until the final step to create a website, does one get the error message that Internet Explorer is not supported.

      So all you Internet Explorer users with Creative Cloud subscriptions...you are out of luck using ProSite.  That seems fair...