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    trbls controlling mc's within scrollpane

      i am working in fmx'04pro. i have a scrollpane containing a clip called test-mc. test_mc contains smaller clips (mc's used as buttons). i can get it scrolling properly, however i am unable to address test_mc or its contained clips(buttons) so that they respond to mouse clicks. so here's the question...

      how do i address the clips contained within a v2 scrollpane to respond to mouse clicks???

      thank you very much for your assistance and consideration.
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          foozebox Level 1
          The problem is the scrollpane (or and V2 component that loads MCs into itself) doesn't assign the MC any value(s) until it is completely loaded. Once it is loaded in the component, an event is triggered and the resulting object contains a reference to the loaded movieclip.

          This is kind of a tricky thing with components, but once you understand the reasoning behind it, it makes sense. Think of it as 'not counting your chickens before they hatch.' Here's some sample code: