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    How can I resolve my R6025 error message in inDesign CC?


      I am running inDesign CC 64 bit on a Windows 8.1 HP Pavilion desktop.  For disclosure, I also have inDesign CC and inDesign CS6 installed.  All versions of inDesign are installed via the Creative Cloud.  I experienced the same issue before and after upgrading to the newest version.


      While in the process of creating an ePub, I receive a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library; Runtime Error!  Program C:\... R6025 - pure virtual function call with the option to click OK.  Then I see Adobe inDesign CC has stopped working.


      I basically open my book, highlight the documents in it, Export book to ePub, choose a name that does not already exist, change the graphic to some other JPG file, set image size to Relative to Text Flow, image quality to Maximum, put in my ISBN for the unique identifier, and click OK.  Then the error occurs.


      I produced two eBook files for other books today.  This issue only occurred when I took a book and documents that had been up converted from CS5.5 to the now previous version of CC.  I haven't re-tried the ebook that actually worked to see whether it would work again.


      The technotes in the Community relate to CS4, so I was learious as to applying the solutions mentioned within.

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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Have you tried Exporting the CS55.5 file as an IDML file and then opening the IDML file in CC. There have bee reports of problems with earlier versions opened directly in a newer version for the past couple of updates. The above seems to clear up some of the problems.

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            CD@TriscellePub Level 1



            Thank you for the prompt reply.


            I think I had already converted the files from CS5.5 in a separate execution of CC9.0 (I now have CC9.2, and I still encountered the issue); meaning I don't think I converted them at the same time I attempted to produce the ePub.  However, I can certainly down-convert and upconvert as a troubleshooting step.  I will also test the ePub export process for the book I had published in ePub a few hours before, which was successful.  I won't be able to commence troubleshooting until tonight, so please forgive the delay.





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              CD@TriscellePub Level 1



              First, I tested whether I could successfully re-create the ePub for the other book I had worked on only hours before I encountered the issue.  It worked.  This was a book that begain in CS6.


              For the problem book, I saved each individual document to that IDML format... all 30 or so of them.  I then opened them up so they would convert, and when I did, they were all "untitled".  Instead of re-typing all of the file names, I saved them over the original files.  I then opened the existing book, which linked to those filenames,did a refresh, preflight, and then tried again.  It failed with the same error.  Next, I plan to delete the book and create the document entries from scratch.  If that still doesn't work, I will be at a loss.  More in a bit...





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                CD@TriscellePub Level 1

                Another update... and I am stuck.


                I deleted the book file and created a new one.  I then added the document files I had down-converted to IDML and upconverted again to CC9.2.  Preflight looked good... executed export to PDF for all documents of the book.  Set configuration to desired settings (cover, IP address, TOC for file organization, etc.) and I get the same error.


                So, through process of elimination thus far, the problem is not with the installation... export to PDF worked fine with a book file and documents created in CS6 and upconverted.  Creating a new book file did not work.  Down-converting the document files and upconverting did not work...  I'm not sure what to do next.





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                  pooja2087 Adobe Employee



                  We would like to take a look at your files and understand the issue. Could you please share your test files with us? You can upload the files to dropbox and share the link with us. My email id is: pja@adobe.com.




                  InDesign Engineering

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                    CD@TriscellePub Level 1



                    Thank you, but that is not necessary.


                    For disclosure, I uninstalled CS6 (I only installed it because it was compatible with the Amazon MOBI export tool), CC, and CC-64 bit.  I then reinstalled inDesign CC.  I then deleted the temp folders inDesign had created before when it attempted to produce the ePub files in earlier iterations.


                    I opened my problem book file, initiated the export, and used the default export settings.  It worked!  I inrementally customized the settings, running an export after each tweak, and it continued to work without issue.  Finally, I applied all of my settings, and it worked.




                    Of course, one wonders why it worked.  I will say that, prior to uninstalling inDesign, after an aborted attempt to export to ePub, when I would launch back into inDesign, an untitled.indd file would always be waiting for me, in addition to any files I had had open when attempting the export.  I think it was this untitled document that was somehow clogging up the works.


                    Regardless of why, uninstalling and reinstalling inDesign CC resolved this issue.