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    Created An Interactive Book In AID CS 5.5 Having Trouble With AID CS 6.

    rodenthead Level 1

      Originally I created a number of interactive books in AID CS5.5 and exported them to SWF. Of course all the original images were developed in illustrator and for the interactive books exported in SWF. Now I am using AID CS6 and I opened both the printed and interactive versions in AID CS6 and saved them in AID CS6.


      At one stage I kept both AID CS5 and CS6 on my computer and could open the printed and interactive versions without any problem in CS6.


      However I decided to remove AID CS5.5 from my computer and while the saved AID CS6 printed versions had no problems, the interactive versions wanted me to relink all the images in the document with their SWF images in the source file; there are hundreds of images.

      I still have the AID CS5.5 software and when I reloaded it and opened the AID interactive documents, the problem was resolved and I wasn't asked to relink the images.


      However is there any way I can resolve this issue without keeping AID CS5.5 on my computer or relinking all of of the images?