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    Audio isn't working right

    El Musiciano

      OK so I'm having a problem that is very annoying to me and is such a time consumer. I'm working on typographys (for my youtube channel which you could take a look at if you like http://www.youtube.com/user/blindsidestudiosGMN ) and seemingly out of nowhere I will no longer be able to preview my work with audio. I know that you are supposed to press 0 to RAM preview and you can press "." to play just audio and I've checked that sound is enabled and that it isn't muted on the preview panel.


      I don't think it is my setup because I can go to my music player and play everything just fine. I try deleting the audio and importing it again. I've tried switching back to m4a files (usually use AIFF.) I've even tried exiting After Effects and opening it again and it still doesn't work. It seems as if the program only uses audio when it wants to. I have 7.40 GB of usable ram which I believe is more than enough and my current project isn't overloaded with a bunch of heavy use effects (CC Particle world, etc.)


      I am currently using After Effects CC and it is up to date

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          OS? What changed? Have you rebooted?


          Changes can include anti-virus updates, new movie players, downloaded apps from the internet. There's not much to go on in your description. Compressed audio should not be used in production, try wav at 16 bit and 48 KHZ (video standard). Try a completely new comp with nothing in it but a wav file or an aiff file.

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            El Musiciano Level 1

            Windows 8.1


            No I have not rebooted but I haven't done anything. No downloads and hardly any internet browsing.

            So wav files are the ones I should be using? I read somewhere that AIFF is the best for AE. Otherwise would the m4a be just as good as a wav?

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              AE sucks at any compressed audio format. AIFF is okay, but on a Windows system one would use straight WAVs most of the time. Your issue is probably reltaed to caching the audio files, so check your settings for the media cache and flush it if necessary.