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    Edge won't work

    Bridge Seven

      Chrome extention stays grey, nothing helps...    


      My Android divice detects my PC via WLAN, and i get the Passcode, but no reaction from Chrome Extetion on PC....

      PS: My iPad won't iven give me the Passcode, it's detects my PC, but won't give me the Passcode.

      Software reinstall don't help.



      Windows 7

      Chrome 33


      Adobe OnlineChat Support has no idea for this..., but maybe you have?

      Thank you!

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          saumishr Employee Moderator

          Looks like the Desktop application is not able to communicate with the the Chrome extension:

          1. Please ensure that desktop app and all the devices are connected to same wifi network.

          2. Are you possibly running two different versions of Chrome  e.g. Chrome Canary and stable Chrome?

          Can you post a screenshot of Edge Inspect system tray item with the menu open?

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            Bridge Seven Level 1

            All my devices are sure connected to one single wi-fi, ots the only one here...

            I have only one Chrome Browser on my PC - original google.




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              I'm having similar issue. Well, for me, when I first installed, everything worked perfectly. Somewhere between Monday and today things stopped working. And the only change on my part was that I installed drivers for a drawing tablet...


              Can anyone help? I uninstalled and then reinstalled all the extensions and Edge Inspect, restarted all apps, laptop, nexus4 several times... nothing is working.


              UPDATE: My bad. All I had to do is click on Edge Inspect (not the Chrome extension on top of the browser, but the application itself by going to Start -> Adobe Edge Inspect, on my Windows 7 machine). And everything is up and running. That was silly, but oh well.

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                C'est pareil chez moi! Rien n'a jamais fonctionné... HELP ME! ^^

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                  saumishr Employee Moderator



                    Could you please post another thread in the forum providing a bit more information on the issue which you are facing.