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    Problems with Adobe Flash Professional CC (CS6 too) to save animated .gif file or perfect .swf file




      I have a problem with Adobe Flash Professional CC and CS6 to save animated .gif file. Here is very simple work with logo. But I can't save a perfect file swf or gif and it's so bad news for me. Logo .swf file save with bugs. Bugs just see then file insert in freeshop page. Here is just example test page, it let you see logo bugs - http://tagraseshop.graphicsrim.eu . Here is real page, but it's not my, it's freeshop with old logo and I have corect it - http://www.tagras.lt


      Animated .gif file absoluted not saved in Flash CC. Just gif picture. And why? My os Windows 8.1 .  Indeed I try to save on Adobe Flash Professional CS6. It's not save too...


      Gif "animated" - https://mega.co.nz/#!D8pEVaRR!Gjg-nI4T-0vROV9xCa1XfXz4br1X9lpQfUR0nQNT LK4
      Swf with bugs - https://mega.co.nz/#!jo5lSRyS!1x6GjWqYsf7n4KknUs6eF8EqZXEv9e8RsSpGd8h5 jGQ

      Fla - flash document - https://mega.co.nz/#!C94nCDSS!7yKF9FIBvYtVC9r8kYiJ0l0xzUm_R2HwgoXks6iM zUA


      Perfect animation speed is here - http://e-shoptagras.graphicsrim.eu





      Who can help to me?

      Any ideas?


      Thanks for your help in advance!