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      In RH6, for a project I have a glossary of over 100 words. When I printed it a few days ago it was alphabetized appropriately. Today I made changes to the glossary, deleted some words, added some words. When I printed it 4 words were not in the proper alpha order. The last word should have been "wildcard", but following it were Pending, Terminated, Transferred, Termination. I tried deleting the words, closing out of RH6, reopening it, reinserting the 4 terms, saving, and printing. It still printed with these 4 terms following the "wildcard" word. I have to send this document to several SMEs for their review of the glossary, and I would like it to be correct. I have never experienced this problem before and often have glossaries of over 100 words. By the way, I created this project in RH5 and have just within the past week gotten an upgraded computer with the RH6 installed. I don't know if this may be a RH6 issue or some other quirk. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          Nothing has been reported like this. I have poked around the GLO file and the output files and nothing seems to make it display other than in the correct order.

          Was RH6 preinstalled when you got the computer? If it was, then it must have been installed by IT using their logon and that will not work. It must be installed with your logon and with admin rights attached.

          Also can we take it the project is on a local drive?

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            KittyLee3 Level 1
            RH6 was not pre-installed on my cmputer. It was installed by our IT staff exactly as they were supposed to install it. I gave them a copy ofyour Jan. 2007 RoboHelp article plus notes from my talking to Rick Stone at the STC Summit in May re anyq uirks about installing RH6.

            Yes, it is on a local drive, and I back up my projects on my personal drive and on CDs. Thank you for your quick response. I hope we can figure this one out.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              I cannot recreate the problem so is sending me your project an option?

              Send me the GLO file from your project anyway and at the same time let me know whether or not you can send the project and its zipped up size.

              Contact me via my site.