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    Audio tracks silent


      My project's audio tracks have become silent except the comments track. How to restore?

      Thanks in advance.

      (Première Elements 12)

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Is there audio on these tracks? Can you see the waveforms for the audio?


          Do they remain silent if you remove the audio from the Narration track?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            No clues on this Premiere Elements 12 happening that has been reported by several users.


            I have tried to reproduce the problem to troubleshoot it and cannot reproduce it so that I can troubleshoot it.


            The ID Liamadude99 had the problem and believes she resolved it. She posted the following March 2, 2014


            "I was trying different things and I went to tools to narration. I removed the mute audio before recording, then deleted

            the narration I previously did and then pressed undo, to bring it back and my audio returned on my video. Very strange

            but it worked....."


            Please give that a try and then let us know if that worked for you. That would be a major contribution.


            Also a screenshot of your Timeline when the problem exists would be helpful to me to try to reproduce the problem.





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              bernard.dulieu1@sfr.fr Level 1

              J'ai fini par trouver la solution, mais pas la cause.

              Lorsque j'enregistre des commentaires au bout d'un certain temps, les autres pistes deviennent muettes. Côté mélangeur de pistes la situation est normale. En fait, dans la fenêtre réglages, j'ai constaté que le volume de ces pistes avait été mis à zéro sans que je l'ai demandé; J'ai relevé le niveau est tout est redevenu normal.

              Merci tout de même de m'avoir répondu.



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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thank you for the reply.


                Very interesting in that the Audio Mixer settings were at the core your issue.


                I would need to go back to the other reports regarding silent audio after Narration Tool narration addition to the project and review the  comments specific to the Audio Mixer. In those other cases, I seem to recall that the Audio Mixer settings were looked at in those other cases  and found to be OK while the problem of the silent audio existed.


                Your follow up is much appreciated.


                Best wishes