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    Table Lines dropping out at Print from Indesign PDF


      Tables set up in Indesign where the header is quite a pale colour and rules in header are set to 0.5pt white. Rules in the main body of the table are the pale colour at 0.5pt.


      Everything prints OK except the horizontal white rule in the header. Please see image below. So it's only the line under 'All the specific options' which isn't printing, every other line prints and they're all 0.5pt wide.


      Table Sample.png

      The missing line is below a 'merged cell so I wondered if that might have something to do with it? However created tables without any merged cells could be problematic!


      Files are created in Adobe Indesign CS6 and pdfs are generated from the file. The same software and settings run across a number of macs but the final print has the same problem no matter where the file was generated. Please note all the white rules do show up fine in the high-res pdf file.


      If anyone has any bright ideas that would be wonderful!


      Many thanks