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    Running team member account on two machines


      I am one user of a 5 seat team account. I have a desktop iMac running OS 10.8.5.


      I need to use CC on a secondary laptop for working at home. CC is installed on the laptop but will not launch - it says it has already been installed on two other devices.

      I am aware that CC can't run on both the primary and secondary machines at the same time, but I have quit CC on the desktop and tried to launch CC on the laptop, but without success.


      Below is a screen grab of our team - note that although we have different names and email addresses, we can only log-in via the administrator's email address. Can it be that, because of this, Adobe thinks my individual member seat account is already being used?


      Is there a way of accessing preferences for each member so they can allocate 2 machines each.


      Help - I need this to work asap!


      Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 15.58.49.png