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    indesign cs3 and windows 8.1

    potters friend

      I'm having trouble installing indesign cs3 with Windows 8.1.  The program says I need to upgrade screen resolution.  My lowest screen resolution is the minimum required.  I have the highest.  Any options or ideas for getting past this?

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          Peter Spier ACP/MVPs

          First, try installing in XP or Windows 7 compatibility mode. And have you tried lowering the screen resolution temporarily to do the install?

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            potters friend Community Member

            I tried to make it the resolution they wanted.  That didn't work.  I tried a clean boot.  That didn't work.  I tried opening it in compatibility mode Windows 7 and Windows XP and still can't get past that screen.  I chatted with ADOBE and they don't support indesign cs3 anymore.  I need to use indesign cs3 because all the other computers in our office use it.  we are not able to afford an update for all of them at this time.  This is a newer laptop and I'm needing on this device, but obviously, it isn't reading my screen resolution.  Any other thoughts?



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              BobLevine UGM

              Unfortunately, CS3 and Win 8.1 are an unsupported combination.




              Some may get it to work, others like you can’t and due to its age, you’re on your own here.

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                Peter Spier ACP/MVPs

                While I happen to have grown up a few miles south of Springfield, and know Limestone Street, you should delete your personal info when replying by email. Everything is posted on the web.


                CS3 runs great here on Windows 7, but I don't know if anyone has been able to install it on Windows 8. The best I can suggest is to run MSconfig and turn off all the unnecessary startup programs, set the resolution to the minimum, and try to install in compatibility mode. If it works, great. If not, well that won't come as a huge shock since CS3 is 4 verions out of date and was meant to run on an OS that's no longer supported even by the manufacturer.

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                  potters friend Community Member

                  Thanks Peter, I losing heart.  I already tried the msconfig and actually made a mess out of my settings when trying to get them back after a clean boot.  No luck.  Frustration with old programs and trying to stay cutting edge on older software.  If you come up with any other ideas, I'd appreciate it.  Other than getting it running on this computer, CS3 has been working really well for us.  Guess we'll have to save our pennies and reach for the upgrade.  Thanks for your help. 

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                    Peter Spier ACP/MVPs

                    Are you installing from removeable media? It might be worth trying it from a download (Same serial number will work): Download Adobe CS4 and CS3 Free Trials Here (incl. After Effects) | ProDesignTools You have to follow the directions onthe page EXACTLY or the downloads won't work.


                    Here's a link to the tips I used to pass out to my class when CS3 was the current version: https://www.hightail.com/download/elNLYnUvcGttMEkxWjhUQw My memory is that CS3 had the worst installer Adobe ever made, and it would fail at the dorp of a hat.

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                      BobLevine UGM

                      Your memory, at least in this case, is quite good. Those installers were horrible.

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                        potters friend Community Member

                        Well, It seems like I have done nothing but add unwanted programs to my computer, everything but cs3.  I was trying to load it from a dvd.  It seems like I'm not going to get it to work.  Thanks for your help.  We'll have to try another route.  I'm afraid at this point, because I'm not so savvy on a computer that I'm just adding extra mess to my computer making it harder to start up and run properly. 

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                          Peter Spier ACP/MVPs

                          Windows' System Restore is your best friend in a time like that.

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                            Valerie Gondrezick

                            I got it to work on Windows 8.1, but it was quite an ordeal. Have to say I do not trust Adobe....After an hour and a half with Adobe, the guy told me that he could get CS3 installed but I had a lot of problems on my computer but he could fix everything if I paid $319.. I told him the computer was 1 week old. Called Dell tonight and there was nothing wrong with the computer, and the guy helped me download my program but we hit an impass when it was loading because it said it needed a vista file. After I hung up with Dell, I canceled that box but hit next and lo and behold it worked!!!

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                              I was able to get it running with Windows 8 (64-bit), but it did take a few tries, and I have not played with all the software yet.  I have used Photoshop and Illustrator successfully, and I've opened InDesign.  I remember having to copy a file off of the installation disk to my desktop and renaming it to "AdobePDF.dll" -- I think it had 64 in the original file name.  During the install, it said it could not find that file, and that trick worked.  (I only remember because that file is still on my desktop.)


                              My question is: Has anyone who has CS3 running on Windows 8 upgraded to windows 8.1?


                              My computer keeps asking me, but I don't want to break CS3. I don't use it a whole lot, but when I need it, I want it to work.


                              Thank you for any replies!

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                                Valerie Gondrezick Community Member

                                It works with my windows 8.1. Should have been more specific in previous post. Evidently it doesn't need that disk for vista that it asked for, so if you cancel that during the installation, you can still hit next in the box. 

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                                  Isis-108 Community Member

                                  Thanks for the response Valerie.


                                  Still not sure if I want to update to 8.1 -- I've been reading about it, and apparently if you want to go back to Windows 8, you have to do a complete reinstall... but it's good to know CS3 will work with windows 8.1.