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    Drag an object side to side with limits

    JRHall Level 1



      I have a very specific need for a project  am working on.


      I need the used to be able to drag 3 layers, with a single touch, a set distance either direction on the x-axis.


      Ultimately I would like to have the 3 layers move at slightly different rates to create a parrallax effect.


      I figure the best way to do this would be to target the top layer for the dragging. Then code the other layers to move relative to the top layer's movement;


      something of the nature of  -

      if (layer1) moves in the x+ direction, then (layer2) moves (layer1 x -10) and (layer3) moves (layer2 x -10). And the reverse for x-.


      Does that make sense?


      Coming from animation rather than coding, I am finding it hard to get started with this one. I've picked up a lot very quickly so far but I can't seem to find anything anywhere to build off of.


      Thanks for your help,