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    Contribute Role Setting for Pasting Content from Word

    Andy Shaffer Level 1

      In troubleshooting another Dreamweaver/Contribute issue, I came across some  settings in the administrative file that holds the Contribute user role information for a site (_mm/cthub########.csi). In disecting that file I found two settings in particular...


      <paste_word_as_is value='true' />

      <paste_word_text_only value='false' />


      This peaked my interest because I've always had problems with our content editors copying/pasting directly from word without taking the time to clean up their content. But if these settings exist in this file, why can't I find the setting through Contribute's Administrative Interface?


      Either way, I wanted to see if changing these would effect how Contribute pasts content copied from Word. First I changed the paste_word_text_only value to 'true' and it worked, it sucessfully stripped out all the stylings from Word. I also changed the paste_word_as_is value back and forth but it didn't seem to have any effect on the content.


      So my first question is, do these settings exist through the administrative interface?? I've looked and looked, yet I cannot find them.


      And second, what is the purpose of the paste_word_as_is setting??