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    Reached the limit for authorization.


      Due to severe problems with my computer I reached the limit for authorization of Adobe Digital Editions.

      Because of these problems I had to re-install Windows Vista a lot of times, and then it worked a few days, and then it crashed again.

      And every time I installed ADE and KOBO Desktop and hoped for the best.

      My computer was brought to a computershop and now I have it back and hope that the probles are over.

      But now I became the message that I reached the limit.


      What can I do to solve this problem?

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          Clayton Blackburn

          The link is a bit difficult to find from the Adobe home page so I'll try to paste it here. http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html?product=digital-editions&topic=downloading-installing- and-setting-up#


          The Contact Customer Care page should pop up after you click on the link -- assuming that it's a static link -- then click on the blue button that says "Still need help? Contact us". The new page offers a chat service. The customer service agent reset my authorizations a couple hours ago.

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            I need to do this too, but when I follow the link the chat service says you need to pick a product before the chat starts but ADE isn't one of them! Is there an email addressfor support? I'm having trouble finding one.

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              Clayton Blackburn Level 1

              It is a bit confusing but I find that the customer service people were very helpful, when I finally was able to remember how to contact them.


              Could you try the following URL? It should get you closer to the actual page with the chat button. The reason I couldn't determine a working direct link is that once I've located the page my browser continues to show the search fields already populated.


              http://helpx.adobe.com/digital-editions/kb/digital-editions-requests-authorization-launch. html


              You'll probably see an announcement at the top of the page stating that phone service is temporarily out of service.


              I don't think that an  email address for ADE support is available.


              If this doesn't work I'll attempt to write up step-by-step instructions for navigating to the correct page from the Adobe.com homepage.

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                cjeskriett Level 1

                Thanks. I did get through to a chat consultant via the support portal link in the end, but after half an hour they 'couldn't find a subscription with the email address' I'd given. Very odd, as I can see in various reading apps that I'm authorised via my adobe id which uses the email address I gave (it's the only personal email address I have, and as it includes my name i was sure i'd spelt it correctly!). I think we may have been talking at cross-purposes (the word subscription suggests a paid-for thing, and i haven't paid adobe for anything. I queried that but got no answer) although i tried to be as clear as i could. when i have more time i may try again in case i get a different answer.

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                  Clayton Blackburn Level 1

                  Although I can't remember all the details, a few years ago when experiencing symptoms similar to yours I discovered that I had two separate Adobe accounts. Luckily I reached a customer service representative on the phone who was able to correct the problems. Is it possible that you have more than one account? If your problem hasn't already been solved you might want to try the following steps.


                  • Open a fresh tab in your browser after you log in to this forum.
                  • Navigate to the Adobe home page http://www.adobe.com.
                  • The new page should automatically recognize you as already "signed in". If your name doesn't appear in the upper right corner, click Sign in to My Adobe and enter your Adobe credentials.
                  • Once signed in click on your name and select "My Adobe Overview" from the dropdown box.
                  • You'll probably see no subscriptions, products or orders.
                  • Hopefully the My Information section will show the same Adobe ID you've been using with the ADE implementation installed on your various PC and mobile devices.


                  These suggestions may be something you've already tried a number of times but I have to admit I don't think I knew to follow these steps last time I had an issue until the helpful Adobe person pointed out the reason for my difficulties.


                  At any rate you should continue to contact Adobe until your issue is solved.