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    Running Video Through Director

      I've created a Director movie with a wmv file in the front section. I've tested it on several computers at various locations and it works fine. However, when I test it on any of the computers at the client, they can't see the video. It comes up as a box with an X in the middle. I've seen this before if the computer doesn't have the player or due to the way the video was compressed, it can't be viewed on their system. However, in this instance, if the client clicks on the video folder and the wmv clip they can see it. They just can't see it when loading it via the Director.exe file. Could it be something in the way their systems are set up? As I mentioned, I tested it at several other companies and had no problem. Any suggestions?
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          Are you certain that you have included all the xtras required? This
          will happen if your Director movie does not have the ones needed for
          playback. Which xtra are you using for your video playback?

          Most likely "Windows Media Asset.x32" if they are wmv files. Make sure
          that you include that and it may help.
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            Beth_Devine Level 1
            Thanks Mike. I went into the Director Movie and clicked on Modify, Movie, Xtras. A list came up and I chose Windows Media Asset.x32. When I clicked on Add, another list came up. I wasn't sure which item to choose. Also, is there some way to view the Xtras chosen? Is there something else I should be doing that I'm not? Let me know.

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              hwa-jun yu Level 1
              Hi Beth.
              Just sharing my experience, maybe it can help.
              I've made a project which include playing MPEG video.
              WMV file is smaller, but it has less quality. Maybe you can consider using MPEG.
              If that'd be your choice, you can use mediaplayer xtra from http://www.starsoftmultimedia.com
              You can try it before deciding to purchase the xtra.
              You can play MPEG with the built-in QuickTime Asset xtra, but I wouldn't recommend it as it takes long to preload the movie.
              Hope this helps.
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                If that xtra was already in the list that comes up in Modify, Movie,
                Xtras, then you don't need to add it. Just click it and make sure that
                the options are set correctly. I would guess that you should have the
                checkbox ticked for Include with Projector. If it is already ticked,
                then you have a different problem than the one I thought you had.
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                  Beth_Devine Level 1
                  Thanks for the input. I tried it as a mpg as well and had the same problem. The client could view the video if they went directly to the video folder but it wouldn't appear in the Driector movie. I've downloaded the Xtra as you recommended. Will they need to install it on their computer in order to see the video?
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                    Just as a test, try making sure that the video file is in the same
                    folder as the director movie. See if it works better on the problem
                    machine(s). It may simply be that the path is not getting carried over
                    and the reason it isn't playing is because Director can't find the video.
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                      I ran into the same problem, worked on all my test machines but not on the clients. In our case it was a hardware exceleration problem. I went in and turned off Hardware exceleration in the display, (I think in direct x ) and it worked fine.