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    After Effects wouldn't open uninstalled to reinstall and can't

    Irishoffspring Level 1

      So i'm installing a bunch of apps last night when i purchased creative cloud and finally figured out the problem with the login. but after that i was having internet issues. Anyways i install after effects eventually, creative cloud said it was up to date, but when i tried opening it i got an error message " The applicating was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022).click OK to close the application." so i thought, ill just uninstall and reinstall... but i was wrong to think that. i uninstalled it and go into creative cloud and it says still up to date! i can't install it again! i go to the website to download from there nothing happnes. and i can't find and installing files for after effects. Please help me! the main reason i got creative cloud was for this!