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    Dynamic mask not working on dynamically placed image

    jtouhey Level 1
      Ok, Here is what's going on. I have one container movie with two other movies loading into it via empty movie clips- let's call them movA and movB. I want to click a button from movB that loads an image (dynamically) into movB and masks the image once it is loaded...

      on movA, I have the following frame action:

      // movie clip for mask
      this.attachMovie("swatch1", "thumbHolder", 40,{_x:985, _y:885.9});
      this.attachMovie("swatch1", "thumbMask", 50,{_x:985, _y:885.9});

      on movB, I have the following code on a button:

      // load logo .gif into holder with masking
      on(release) {

      Right now, the image is being loaded into the correct place, but the movie clip ("thumbMask") is only showing up on top of the image without doing any masking... I heard that maybe the image needs to be "fully" loaded before the mask can be called, but i'm not exactly sure how to do this unless I add a preloader- which am trying to avoid.

      Any help would be much appreciated!!!