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    CSS not displaying properly

    Tim D Morris Level 1

      My CSS file includes the following formatting for a "Note":


      p.Note {

      border-left-style: Solid;

      border-right-style: Solid;

      border-top-style: Solid;

      border-bottom-style: Solid;

      background-color: #fafade;

      padding-left: 12px;

      padding-right: 12px;

      padding-top: 6px;

      padding-bottom: 6px;

      font-size: 9pt;

      line-height: 12pt;

      border-left-width: 1px;

      border-right-width: 1px;

      border-top-width: 1px;

      border-bottom-width: 1px;

      border-left-color: #a3a5a7;

      border-right-color: #a3a5a7;

      border-top-color: #a3a5a7;

      border-bottom-color: #a3a5a7;

      margin-top: 12px;

      x-next-class: ;

      x-next-type: P;

      margin-bottom: 12px;



      In IE 11, not using Document Mode=Edge, the CSS is applied as expected:


      In IE 11, using Document Mode=Edge, the CSS is not applied as expected:



      I suspect the issue is with the CSS itself.  The CSS displays correctly in the Design view of the topic in RH10, but does not display correctly if I view the topic using the CTRL+W command from within RoboHelp, and does not display correctly in the compiled project when viewed in Chrome or FireFox.  Any ideas?  Thanks!