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    Suggestions for FrameMaker 13

    ksoltys Level 1

      I missed the deadline for participating in the feature survey that Adobe sent me recently, so I put up a post on my blog about things I'd like to see in FrameMaker 13. Some of them are extensions of what I wanted to see in FrameMaker 12 (only a few of which were taken care of).


      The post is on the long side so I'm just going to link to it here:




      I will summarize my three major requests:


      • Seamless import and export of Microsoft Word files and content. Word is dominant in offices today and has been for years, but using content provided in Word format is a nightmare.
      • Better marker handling. Marker handling in FrameMaker is primitive. We need exapndable/collapsibe markers, editable in place, and a proper marker editing dialog.
      • A snapshot feature akin to that in Thirty Six Software's SmartDocs Word addin. Set variable values, conditional text settings, input and output directories and output formats and save them as a single object so we can switch between multiple views of a book with a single click.


      As much as I love FrameMaker, and I've been using it for 20 years, it's getting harder to justify it, especially because of my first point.