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    Edge 3.0 auto-changing project - bug?

    Phildsb Level 1

      Hi, I'm having an issue in which Edge Animate 3.0 is changing my projects, either on opening, closing or previewing, without any other action on my part. I haven't experienced it in previous versions


      For example, I may be working on my project, save and then and preview it in my browser of choice. The project previews perfectly and if I publish to web, the project also works as expected. However, at this point Edge Animate determines that the project has been changed, as indicated by the asterisk alongside the filename and a "Save changes?" dialog when closing.


      At other times when I open the files, I get "An error occurred. Please save your work and restart Edge Animate".

      On other occasions, if I close the file (without saving), when I reopen it the Stage element is no longer available in the Elements panel and a new Composition class has been generated which differs from the original. Because the Stage element no longer exists, overflow hidden no longer works. At this point its easier to revert to an archived version and rebuild from there.


      It is a fairly complex project, but it all works in the browser, no errors reported anywhere other than in Edge, js syntax appears to be OK. Is this a bug? Even if there is something wrong with the files, I wouldn't expect the application to change the files without my permission. Has anyone else experienced this problem and any idea what's causing it? Its getting quite frustrating now as its becoming diffcult if not impossible to use Edge to go back and make any changes.