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    Data after subscription is done


      The company I work for is planning to upgrade in FormsCentral to use 5000 responses. The questions i have is... If after one year we decide not to use this site again what happens to all of the information that has being summitted or forms created?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          Two things:


          You can export any/all Responses (Export from the File menu on the View Responses tab) and you can also save a backup of the design of a form by choosing "Export Design File" from the File Menu on the Design tab) so you have them and could import the form design into any FormsCentral account.


          The data and your forms remain in your account.  You would not be able to collect new responses in them (except for what is allowed in the Free level account, up to 50 responses in one form), the responses would still be in all of your forms and your forms would remain in your account and viewable.