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    Re install of Windows and I have a problem with CS5

    F Yates Level 1

      Hi there.

      I have CS5 on my laptop and my desktop. I understand this is allowed. Problem is that my laptop went AWOL and went to the doctors. They had to do a clean re install of Windows to rescue the position. I had everything well backed up so that's no problem. However when the did the work they will have formatted my hard drive. They won't have de-activated CS5 before doing this.


      Does CS5 automatically de-activate itself; how can I check if it's been done? I will want to re-intall it, but maybe not on the laptop, but on it's probable replacement. If I can only install it twice I've used up both lives. How can I get Adobe to de register the installation on my laptop given that it is no oonger on there and I can't communicate through that way?