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    Blank pages keep inserting themselves into my text flow book layout


      I am working on creating a book layout for print. I opened the .doc file through my Mac text editor and placed in InDesign CC as a text flow. I am working on adding design elements now (after I adjusted the page layout of the text on all the pages) and blank pages keep inserting themselves in weird places (for instance page 7 will suddenly turn into a blank page and my text will move itself down while design elements such as chapter headings will stay in the place where I put them, but then be completely out of place according to where the text is now). I have tried to adjust it every way I can think of--- by moving all of the text up onto the new blank page and re-aligning the chapter headings, by moving the blank pages to the end of the book and deleting them, and of course, by just simply deleting them. (Deleting them just causes the layout to become mis-aligned even worse, and just re-adds the blank page I attempted to delete.)


      Please help... I read that saving as .idml will help fix a corrupt file but this did nothing.