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    (ES3) Adding Invisible Signature field?

    C.Batt Level 1

      I understand that Signature Service can't Add Invisible Signature Field to a Dynamic XFA PDF, so I'm trying the following:


      1. Forms Service's renderPDFForm operation to Merge Form and Data; and then
      2. Output Service's transformPDF operation to Flatten PDF.


      However I still get the error: ALC-DSS-300-007 Addition of Signature Fields is not supported for Dynamic XFA PDFs


      This seems to indicate that previous steps I took do not in fact transform a Dynamic XFA PDF to Static PDF.


      Is there are way to transform a Dynamic XFA PDF to a Static PDF so that I can add an invisible signature field that can be used by the Signature Service's Certify PDF operation?


      (I feel like I must be overlooking something simple, and my google-fu is failing me.)