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    'Print Booklet' converting to RGB without my permission


      I think this is only a recent thing InDesign has decided to start doing to me (using CS6 on a Windows 7 machine if that makes a difference).


      I have an original PDF from a client which is 100% CMYK. When I import the pages to InDesign and then Print Booklet, all the images are converted to RGB in the resulting PDF. This is using the same profile settings as I would normally use to just export (CMYK, US Web Coated SWOP v2) which still works fine on the same file. It's only when I Print Booket that it decides to RGB the thing. Only the images; text, boxes, strokes etc are still CMYK.


      Why is it doing this and how do I stop it? Simply converting the colours afterwards in Acrobat isn't sufficient, because it's converting RGB 'black' against a CMYK black background.