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    How to post my images to Instagram?


      I am new. How to I post my images from Photoshop Touch  to Instagram? How do I save my images to my personal device's photo gallery? And how do I email my photo to an email recipient?

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          In order:


          If the Instagram app is installed, it should be a simple matter of exporting the PS Touch project to the appropriate format that Instagram supports (like JPEG). In Android, in PS Touch's project file UI, you tap the "export" icon (5th icon from the upper right) > Share and then choose Instagram the app to export to.


          The second question's answer is similar, with the exception of "Save to Gallery" (on Android; forgot what it was on iOS) instead of "Share".


          The third question's answer is also similar to the first, with the exception of sharing to your email app of your choice instead of an app like Instagram.