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    What kind of memory ?


      Hello to all


      After months, yes, months on reading I finally going with a new rig. I read the tweakers pages, and other forums.

      So I will be using this for premiere, AE, and resolve.

      I would like to work with  2,5 dpx, 2K prores and dnxhd, UHD prores and (hoppefully) UHD cinema DNG RAW when available (and probably at half res in premiere)


      4930K (auto overclocked, so it should be around 4Ghz)

      Coolermaster hyper 412S or noctua d14  if I must (very big beast it seems)

      P9X79-E WS

      GTX 770 4GB (gigabytes ?)

      decklink monitor (hdsdi)

      system : ssd vertex 3 256GB (intel sata III)

      cache : ssd samsung 840 pro 512 GB (intel sata III)

      media : maybe 3 ssd raid 0  (marvell sata III ?)

      export : ssd intel 520 240GB


      My main question concerns RAM. I absolutely don't know what to get.


      I read very confusing things about speeds, and CAS. And manufacturer.

      I know asus has a recommanded list, but there is still a bunch of solutions... I also read something saying 1.35V was better, but there is not one in the asus recommended list...

      I'd like to start with 4x8GB. I'll put 4 more in a few months....

      Lastly, I can have a good deal on these, but 1333MHz seems ... poor ?



      Thank you for your input.