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    It would be nice...

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      It would be nice if CC application developers from time to time have done something creative on a different application than the one formed in their work. For example, the creator of Ai did work on Id and vice versa. So how do users of Adobe CS CC just do that?


      It would be nice to such basic things as:

      - Color sampling

      - Exchanges of color swatches

      - Copy fonts between applications

      - Copy of colors between applications using hex values .

      - Save for web

      - tranform object

      - copy or duplicate object

      - creating and change simple shape

      - paste without formating

      - font change case

      - aligne, distibute

      - tranform with effects and tranform with stroke etc.


      There 's another startling philosophy of action.


      or Example detail. Export to jpeg applications Ai Id Ps :


      In the Export dialog box :


      a) The extension in the file name . In one application, just select the format and the name will be autoamtycznie improved on . Jpg, in the other is not?


      b) Export multiple pages jpeg . In one application, you must write the name " myfile - " to get the files " myfile - 1", " myfile - 2".

        In the second giving the name " myfile - " generates a file " myfile - 1" , " myfile - 2" .


      c). Export multiple pages . In one application, the first page will have no -1 in another anymore, anumeracja files will be added to -02 , -03 , etc.



        These are small details , but overall job applications CC is surprising.

      - Of course I understand the differences application, but writes about the basics. A bit like a minefield instead of philosophy Creative Suite Or It's as if you took part in the relay , and every time you do not know what you'll get your hand ...


      Best Regards!