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    如何设置双击鼠标的快捷键?How to set  the shortcut keys "double-click"?


      在cs3版本以后,ctrl+双击空白工作区新建画布(ctrl+n)的功能被取消了,变成了选择打开已有的文件(ctrl+o)。这个功能不好用,因为从窗口选择文件打开比直接在工具外拖放 进来打开的效率低。




      I am sorry ,this is google translate!

      After cs3 version, ctrl + double-click on a blank area to create a new canvas (like ctrl + n) function is canceled, becomes choose to open an existing file (like ctrl + o). This feature is not available because lower than  directly from the open window  select the file efficiency.

      If you use ctrl + n to create a new case, need to open the entire left hand and left tilt rotation, or with both hands, for practitioners prolonged operation, increasing the hand fatigue.

      Now double-click  have the effect "ctrl + o", and then  ctrl+double-click  also repeat  the effect "ctrl + o".and how to set back to the previous version cs3 mode of operation, so that you can press ctrl+double-click to create the new canvas?


      how to set ctrl+double click = ctrl+n?