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    How to intercept location URL of StageWebView


      Hello !


      In my mobile application I'm using StageWebView UI object, instanciated with :

      myWebViewObject: StageWebView = new StageWebView;

      It displays content from an URL in the page, and it's sized to the screen of the device by defining attributes classicaly. Moreover I need to intercept the location URL just before his removing (when the user exits from this fonctionnality).

      I removed it with : myWebViewObject.dispose() ; myWebViewObject.viewPort = null ; myWebViewObject = null .

      I tryed to attach several event on the object's instance : Event.CLOSE, Event.CLOSING, Event.UNLOAD, Event.CLOSING, Event.REMOVED, Event.REMOVED_FROM_STAGE.

      Anyone can executes callback function successfully !

      Do you know the good eventlistener I could use to do that ?