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    Display movieclips in a certain place with a click?


      Hey there!


      I'm new to Flash Professional CS6 and I'm starting out by making a dress up game. There's one thing that I'm not sure how to make that I'm also not sure how to phrase if I had to google it, so I thought I'd ask here instead! I'm using Actionscript 2.


      I have all my clothes in a box off to the side (inside various menus with a show/hide function) and they have to be dragged onto the doll. I'd like to make presets, so that people will be able to click a preset - let's say a 'suit' preset, and those specific clothes (movieclips) will appear on the doll. It'd have to affect multiple movieclips since a complete set would include several pieces of clothing. I do use a snapping function for my clothes movieclips so that they snap onto the doll, if that's useful information. Is this possible with ActionScript 2?


      Thank you!